Haul + First Impressions: Tarte Miracles from the Amazon Collection

I found out about Tarte’s Miracles from the Amazon Collection a few days before Valentine’s Day.  I follow Tarte Cosmetics on Instagram and they posted about the collection and how it would be on sale on QVC on Friday, February 13.  Then a few days later, a few of the YouTubers I follow must have received it in advance and posted reviews.  I’m new to Tarte.  I’ve been aware of the brand for years, but I purchased their products for the first time in January.  First, the Timeless Smoothing Primer, then the Tartelette eyeshadow palette, both of which are AMAZING in my opinion.

The Miracles from the Amazon Collection is described as, “a collection of iconic and soon-to-be favorites inspired by the Amazon,” and consists of the Maracuja Miracle “Foundcealer” which is a blend of concealer, foundation and maracuja oil; an eye and cheek palette that includes six eye shades and a full-size blush; a full-size mascara; full-size lip gloss; and two bushes, one a dual ended eye shadow brush and the other a Maracuja buffing brush.  Oh, and a good-size makeup bag that matches the purple/gold color scheme of the collection.

All the reviews made it very interesting to me.  Plus, after looking at it on QVC, I could see that there was a significant value in buying the collection rather than attempting to get the items separately.  The brushes alone would probably cost as much as the whole collection.  So, early Friday evening I pulled the trigger.  And then I waited.  There’s something to be said about being able to walk into your nearby Ulta or Sephora and walk out with your products.  I like the instant gratification!

I received the shipment from QVC on Wednesday evening and have worn all or most of the items from the collection for the past few days.  Initially I was skeptical about the Foundcealer (I’m shade light/medium). The lid of the bottle is supposed to act as a dropper. You drop the product onto the back of your hand, then use the brush to pick up the product and buff it onto your face.  I’m not loving the dropper.  The concept is a great one… if it works, but it drops such a tiny amount of product that I have to do it at least three times to yield a workable amount. I was also unsure how crazy I was about the formula. It’s the consistency of a standard liquid foundation, but it’s meant to cover like a blend of concealer and foundation, so in theory it should provide a good amount of coverage.  Initially, I felt like it wasn’t buffing in or melting into my skin very successfully. Although the brush is great, super soft and a great shape, I still like to finish and smooth it all out with my damp Miracle Complexion Sponge.  Once the Foundealer had a minute to settle in, it ended up looking great! I like a fuller coverage foundation, particularly in colder months, and this does the trick.  I’ve also found that it stays in tact with minimal breakup considering how oily my skin becomes as the day wears on.  I also loved that it had a yellow tone.  I’ve mentioned that I struggle with redness, and sometimes foundations can have a pinky tint.  This did a great job neutralizing my red tones.

The Foundcealer was a success, and the eye shadows that come with this collection are just as impressive, The gray/plum neutrals included in this eye palette are very pigmented with minimal fall out, and can create a range of simple or dramatic looks. I’ve used the eye brush and it works like a dream. The blush is beyond pigmented and a nice, rosy color. You barely have to touch the brush to the blush and you get an amazing color payoff. Just the eye and cheeck palette, combined with the double-ended brush, make this collection great for travel. I love a palette, but I admit they can be bulky, but this collection could be all you’d need in a pinch and I think it would pack quite well.

The mascara is fine.  It’s not the best I’ve ever used, but I really can’t think of any negatives. It just doesn’t lengthen or volumize my lashes quite as well as my Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. It’s sort of a low maintenance makeup day mascara. However, I think it’s great for the lower lashes. The lip gloss is also nice.  It’s a neutral, sheer pinky/plum that could work on nearly anyone.  It’s great for stowing in your purse if you need to quickly gloss without worrying about a perfect application.

I think Tarte did a great job with this. I’m quite pleased with my purchase.  There aren’t really any misses in this collection, and I consider the bulk of the products to be hits.

You can still purchase the collection on QVC at a reduced price, although it’s no longer available at the sale price they offered on Friday.  It also appears that they no longer have all the Foundcealer shades that were initially available.

Sidebar: Where has QVC been all my life? Obviously I know about QVC, but I don’t think I really knew about QVC, you know?  As long as I can accept the concept of waiting a few days to receive my goodies, QVC has some pretty great deals on high-end makeup!  I may have to pay closer attention to their promotions from now on! Am I the only one who was late to this party?

Thanks for reading!


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