Review: e.l.f. Studio Blush Palette

I’m a sucker for a palette. I love options, and a good palette is all about options. I also prefer palettes for travel. Some argue that they are bulky, and I can easily see how one would feel that way. For me, though, the pros outweigh the cons.

You know that you have an unhealthy relationship with the red bull’s eye when your three-year-old son greets you each Saturday morning by asking, “Are we going to Target?”

In my case, the answer is almost always, “Yes.”

During one of our inevitable weekend visits to Target, while my husband perused the office supplies and our son kept asking if we could look at toys, I stumbled upon an end cap display announcing, “e.l.f. Favorites.” Most of the products were old news for me, until I saw two blush quad palettes and angels burst into song.

I already own two e.l.f. blush singles and I’ve been pleased with them. I’ve seen some beauty blogs and Pinterest boards tag them as dupes for Nars powder blushes, and while I can’t speak to that (I’ve only used The Multiple), I will say you can’t beat them when you consider the price.

The palette options are light and dark. I had a bit of my usual anxiety before going with the dark palette.  The palette offers four shades, clockwise from top left: an orangey coral, a bright pink, a dark, almost red-pink and a dark coral with a slight sparkle.  All of these colors are more deeply-toned than the “light” palette.


Holy pigmentation! One of my only complaints about the e.l.f. blush singles is that I think they could be a bit more pigmented. This palette delivers. I dot my blush brush lightly on the product, then swirl it on my hand before applying to my face, yet the color payoff is still amazing! When I first used this palette, I made the mistake of applying immediately after placing my brush on the product, and ended up with a very bold, pink dot on my cheek that required some significant elbow grease to blend out.

Trust me, you may want to experiment with application just to get a handle on how much color will work for you. I feel like I’ve really just got the hang of finding the right amount of product.  I think it’s also worth noting that you have to work at blending these a bit more than you would a higher-end product or even some of the drugstore blushes I’ve tried, so it’s better to start with a light hand and build.

I’ve used this palette consistently for the past two weeks.  My go-to color has been the dark pink/red in the lower right square.  It provides a really natural flush for my skin tone that I’m loving.  But all the shades have their strengths. I think the orangey coral shade screams summer and I’m excited to see how it looks once I have a bit of a tan.

The packaging is the standard Nars knock off, black plastic.  It’s not bulky and is quite thin once it’s closed.  It also provides a good-sized mirror.

Overall, I think this palette is a fantastic value and good quality. It’s great for someone wanting to experiment with bolder blush shades, and I stand by recommendation that it’s great for travel.



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  1. ELF has always been either a hit or a miss for me but I will check out this blush palette!

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  2. I haven’t seen these in my local target but it looks so beautiful!


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