Review: Lorac Nude Necessities Palette

Lorac Nude Necessities Palete
Lorac Nude Necessities Palete
I purchased the Lorac Nude Necessities Palette on a whim. I was browsing around Ulta and just couldn’t walk out of there without spending my money on something. Palettes are a real trigger for me. I can’t figure out why, but I love to buy new palettes.

I have a good history with Lorac eyeshadow palettes.  The Pro palette is a holy grail that I return to time and time again.  The Unzipped palette, also an impulse buy, continues to impress me with its beautiful range of rose gold shimmers and deep mattes.

With these palettes in mind, I was excited to give Nude Necessities a shot.  The packaging is beautiful, possibly the best looking Lorac palette I’ve seen in a while.

Nude Necessities, is just that.  These are nude shades.  There are no jewel tones, no obligatory black matte shadow that shows up in all palettes these days. With the exception of a very light white/cream shadow, these shades are nudes offered in a range of matte, satin and shimmer finishes.

I purchased this palette on a Sunday and proceeded to try it out all week long.  My verdict: It’s good.  But it’s not great.


There are three rows of shadows.  The first row, nearest to the mirror are sort of gold toned, the middle row features cooler nude tones and the third row features  warm toned shadows. The pigmentation isn’t as good as the Pro Palette or the Unzipped palette.  Although, the shadows are fairly buildable.

I want to love this palette.  Even as I write this review, I feel torn over whether I would recommend this palette. I love neutral shades and I’d like to think that I created some beautiful eye looks with this palette (check out my Instagram feed in the footer). These shadows are great for those “no makeup” makeup days. They assist in giving your eyes some depth without appearing too overdone. My requirement for a holy grail or indispensable palette is simple: If I’m traveling, will this palette be the only one I would need to bring with me to achieve a range of eye looks?  When it comes to Nude Necessities, the answer is no. I’ll always need a second palette or additional shadows as a supplement.

Also, even in the realm of nudes, I don’t feel like this palette offers a truly diverse range of shades. The dark brown in the first row isn’t all that different than the dark brown on the second row. And there are other palettes that I think could meet your nude/neutral needs while also providing some “oomph!” shades, like Tarte’s Tartelette palette (another Holy Grail for me).

That’s not to say this palette is a loser. I do think I’ll continue to reach for it for various looks. It just didn’t “wow” me. So, while this palette won’t be a go-to for dramatic looks, it does offer solid options for transition or crease shades, as well as paired down eye looks on days where I want to keep it minimal.

Have you tried this palette?  What did you think?

Happy makeuping!


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