My Skin Super Heroes

Over the years I’ve been rather unkind to my skin. When it comes to rules regarding skincare, I’m a serial offender. I spent my teens and 20s frequenting tanning beds and laying out in the sun, often without sunblock of any kind. I’m notorious for touching my face and “picking” at blemishes. There are plenty of evenings in my past where I didn’t even bother washing my face before bed, and I can’t even begin to tell you about all the gallons of water I should have been drinking, but never got around to.

I have large pores, breakouts and my skin is oily. After having my son, I began to experience increasing issues with dull skin and persistent acne around my chin, to the point of scarring. I tried several different products, from drugstore to luxury and varying cleansing methods, and finally I found the right mix of products to help me turn my skin troubles around. These are my Skincare Heroes.

IMG_0012Shea Moisture African Black Soap

One day this summer, I treated myself to a brow wax at the Benefit counter in my local Ulta. The esthetician and I commiserated on being oily girls and she told me about a face soap that had really helped her with acne and reducing oil: Shea Moisture African Black Soap.

I picked up a bar on my way out and I’ve never looked back. It cost around $4 and I’m still using the same bar I bought six months ago! I use this soap every night to wash off my makeup.  I work up a lather with warm water and proceed to massage my face until my makeup is broken up. Then I rinse it off using a washcloth. Just don’t get any in your eyes! It stings.

IMG_0011Micellar Water

I’ve used the Simple brand of micellar water and it’s great. Right now I’m using the new Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and It’s also fantastic, plus you get a lot for your money. The micellar water helps me get any last bits of makeup off that the soap may have missed. It’s also great for eye makeup as long as it’s not too heavy.

IMG_0010Yes to Grapefruit Toning Mist

After removing any last bits of dirt and makeup with the micellar water and a cotton pad, I spray my face with Yes to Grapefruit Toning Mist. I love this stuff.  I use it at night and in the morning before I moisturize. It’s refreshing.

IMG_0008Mario Badescu Glycolic Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion

I do the above steps every evening. However, every few days I substitute the micellar water with Mario Badescu Glycolic Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion. Although it says “lotion,” it’s really more like a toner. I purchased this from Amazon, but Ulta carries it as well. It helps with cell turnover and I find that my skin looks much more radiant since I introduced it into my skincare routine. It’s also been great in clearing up breakouts. One note: you don’t need to use this every day. It can cause dryness, even on my oily skin. I’ve found that every other day or even every two days is enough for me.

IMG_0009Philosphy  Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

Every morning, in the shower, I exfoliate using Philosphy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash.  I’ve discovered that my skin was in dire need of exfoliation. This is gentle enough for me to use every day and really helps prep my skin for makeup, since I tend to use mattifying products.

For the past six months this has been my skincare routine and I feel like I’ve finally gotten things under control. I rarely breakout, my skin is softer and brighter and my horrible chin acne has subsided.

These products have become my skincare superheroes, and if you’re dealing with any of the issues I’ve described, you may want to give them a shot.

Happy makeuping!




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  1. I’ve been looking for an easy way to exfoliate on a much more regular basis. I think I’ll grab a bottle of Philosophy’s Microdelivery & throw it in the shower. Thanks for the great suggestion!!

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