Review: IT Brushes for Ulta, Brush Bath

IT Brushes for Ulta, Brush Bath

Does everyone wait until Sunday to wash their makeup brushes? In all honesty, sometimes I wait for multiple Sundays to pass before I actually make the effort to clean my brushes. I know that cleaning and maintaining my makeup brushes is important, but it’s one of those chores I detest. My hands get pruney, I feel like it takes forever to actually accomplish the task, and on top of all that I have to wait for them to dry.

I’m all about finding a hack, or at least a mechanism to speed the process, and decided to give IT Brushes for Ulta Brush Bath Purifying Brush Cleaner a shot. Initially, I raised my eyebrows at the $18 price tag, but I reasoned that if it was as magical as the Ulta associates claimed it to be, then it just might be worth it.

Per the Ulta website: IT Brushes for ULTA Brush Bath Purifying Instant Cleaner is a gentle, alcohol-free formula which instantly dissolves any makeup on your brush and dries quickly. Cleanses, purifies and protects synthetic and natural hair makeup brushes.

The process is simple.  Spritz the business end of the brush with the Brush Bath and then rub it across a paper towel a few times, or until all the makeup has been cleaned off. I like to spray all my brushes first, then I start back at the beginning and brush them off on the towel. That’s my version of letting them soak, and giving the brush bath a chance to do its worst.


And voila! It smells pleasant and dries quickly, meaning I can wash my brushes and then go brush my teeth or dry my hair, and I’ll be able to put them to work when I return to my makeup table.

While the directions suggest that you “spray generously”, I manage to clean my brushes using fairly minimal product. I think I’ve  only gone through about one-third of the bottle since purchasing it around a month ago. I’ve gotten into a routine of cleansing my brushes each evening after I’ve completed my round of evening skincare. That way, I can always be sure that my favorite brushes are clean and ready to roll the next morning. While I don’t look forward to the task with enthusiasm, it’s a pleasure and much less time consuming compared to those weekly washing sessions at the bathroom sink.

My verdict: This stuff is the real deal. If you can look past the $18 cost, it won’t disappoint.

Happy makeuping!





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